Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dublin - Day 6 & 7

So our last 2 days of our trip we were in Dublin. We arrived at our hotel, freshened up then started walking around to explore.

Of course we stopped at Mulligan's for a beer!

And look who else has been to Mulligan's for a beer...

After our stop at Mulligan's we walked around some more then stopped for dinner and some shopping. Gotta bring home goodies for the babies!

This is the one and only picture I have from our last day in Ireland. I spent most of the day sleeping because I didn't feel good (yikes) but Mom, Dad and Mary spent the day at St. Patrick's and the Guinness Brewery. 

I joined the group for dinner and a last walk around Dublin.
If I remember correctly this was called "Penny Bridge".

The next morning we were up, packing and getting ready to head to the airport.
After some crazy security during a Toronto layover we were practically running through the airport to board our plane home. The scene in Home Alone where they are running through the airport was playing over and over in my mind. :)

After a short flight from Canada we were back in St. Louis and I was basically beside myself with excitement to see Eric, Elle and Oliver!
I walked up the little ramp and there they were, parked right at the top waiting for me. 
I cried and hugged and kissed and squeezed these little babies!!

As soon as we got home they started opening alllllll of their souvenirs.

What an amazing trip!!!
Seriously, it blows my mind when I look back at all of the pictures of everything we did. We had so much fun, walked tons of miles, laughed like crazy, ate yummy food, told stories, made new memories and just had the best time together.

I am SO THANKFUL my parents took us on this trip, they are the most generous people on the planet. 

I hope to one day do the exact same thing for Elle and Ollie when they are older. 

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