Friday, November 10, 2017


Last weekend Elle's first soccer season wrapped up. She had done both indoor and outdoor soccer clinics in the past but never a full season so we had no idea how she would do. The soccer clinics never really held her attention and after her first practice I was sure I had made a huge mistake signing her up but we had so much fun!! The game (by far) doesn't hold her attention the full time but when she has her little bursts of energy running after that ball it is the best thing ever!

Before her first game, she was ready to go!

And after her first game.  A happy girl and with a dollar from MawMaw and PawPaw. :)

My girl...full of sass! She wouldn't even pay attention to the ball half the time but her little arms would be out and ready to push anyone who came near her. She told me her PawPaw taught her that.

I begged her to try playing goalie one game and she did great!

She surprised me this weekend and asked to play goalie again. She had one shot on her and she leaped on the ball and saved it. :)

This was right after the game when she scored her FIRST GOAL!!! I was taking her to QT to celebrate with a slushie. :)

The game below was COLD and rainy!! But that didn't stop us from cheering loudly for #19!

Look at that little cluster of girls, all on the same team, all fighting each other for the ball!

Ollie loved going to the games every weekend. He would always sit in his little chair, usually enjoy a sucker and cheer "go sissy!!"

Elle told me that her favorite part of playing is when they line up at the end and shake hands. :)
She also LOVED our week to bring the snack because it meant I was at their bench at half time hanging out.  We were both equally excited about that. :)

All in all it was a great season. Elle had fun but I know we had more fun watching her. I had the BEST time in my lawn chair this Fall cheering on my FAVORITE girl!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Life Lately

A look at Fall in the Hylton house...

Elle is all about her baby dolls right now...or her "girls" as she calls them. She sits in her rooms and plays with them, takes care of them, changes their clothes, they run errands with us and at the end of the day she tucks them all in for bed. They all sleep at the end of her bed every night.

Ashlyn is by far her favorite but she takes pretty good care of them all and gives each of them a name.

One baby gets to sleep in her little doll bed each night. She has decided to ask Santa for bunk beds for her girls this year. :)

And dude finds one of his sets of Buzz and Woody (it has to be BOTH of them) as he is heading off to bed.

This little sugar loves nothing more than a lazy morning at home, a sippy cup of chocolate milk and cuddling with his mommy. 

His movie of choice this Fall has been Nightmare Before Christmas. He loves the song "This is Halloween"!

We had a fun morning at their buddy Tyler's birthday party one Sunday. 

My little super heroes. :)

I bought him this Jack Skeleton shirt and he was immediately in love with it! One of his favorites to wear lately. 

Passed out. :)

Ollie and I were grocery shopping one day while Elle was at school he saw this Halloween donuts and wanted them SO BAD! They were in our cart and while I was looking at the yogurt he managed to grab them and rip them open because apparently he wanted a chocolate donut right that second.

When he gets in trouble he immediately hangs his head, takes a deep breath and his lip starts quivering...that is what is happening in this picture.

I'm a crazy lady so we always are at Elle's school way before it's time to walk up for pickup so we hang out in the car for a bit. 

Just living his best life.

We went to a trick or treat event, they were playing Toy Story of Terror outside so obviously we had to go. 

My Moana and Buzz Lightyear.

There was trick or treating, bounce houses, slime stations, swimming in the indoor pool...and everything was SO CROWDED!! We waiting in line for a sweet forever to jump in the Buzz bounce house.

After swimming the kids got back in costume and we headed outside for the movie.

Passed out minutes after getting in the car.

Just taking care of one of her girls. :)

We joined the Voss crew for Halloween shopping one night then they headed back to our house for pizza and playing. 

Ollie LOVES books, if you sit and read with him he is your new best friend.

This is the cuddliest little boy at bedtime. I absolutely love it!!
And random Ollie story my mom told me yesterday...
I was on my way to pick them up after work and Ollie asked my mom for a doughnut, since he would be eating dinner soon my mom suggested a snack of goldfish instead and Ollie responded with "Excuse me?!"

This is where I would like to insert the emoji of the monkey covering his eyes, this little boy obviously doesn't hear "no" often enough. ;)

Playing with play-doh on the deck on a nice day is our favorite.

My little winter fairy.

She got the Tinkerbell Secret of the Wings movie for Christmas last year where Tinkerbell finds out she has a sister who is a winter fairy...Elle LOVES it! And since she was born in December she always refers to herself as a Winter Fairy.

Thursday, October 26, 2017


One of our favorite Hylton family traditions is a day at Ekerts in October. 

The four of us getting ready to board the ferry.
Well, 5 of us if you count Elle's doll Ashlyn buckled in. :)

After our second ferry ride we stopped for lunch. We actually went to the same restaurant we went to last year because Sissy was requesting frog legs for lunch again. 

And for the second year she actually ate them and enjoyed them.
This girl is just like me in so many ways...but she is all Eric when it comes to eating!

And Ollie's eating habits are identical to mine!
My boy enjoyed a grilled cheese and french fries and refused the frog legs...just like his mama!

My tall girl!! 




No picture to mark her height but look at my baby in 2014!!!

Ollie preferred to pose solo by the pumpkins instead. :)


the year with the cast

I just want to pick that squishy baby up and squeeze him!!!

Smile babies!

On the hayride to the apple trees. :)

We let them both sample an apple.

Elle and Eric did most of the apple picking while I followed this little guy around.

My most favorite girl!

After we picked our apples we rode down to the pumpkin patch, which we hadn't done before in the past.

Elle was determined to find a square pumpkin like Spookley from the movie Spookley the Square Pumpkin.

She was SO EXCITED when we stumbled upon this square-ish shaped one. 
She was truly the happiest little girl alive!

She also thought Spookley would just live at our house forever, she offered to have him hang out on the porch or he could go to the basement after halloween with our decorations.

Throwing him away after we carve him is going to be heartbreaking. :(

I LOVE these pictures of Ollie trying to hold up his pumpkin...

look at that little face!

Headed back with her pumpkin and a big bag of apples. :)

After we paid for our goodies the kids played on the playground, saw the goats and then we loaded up and headed back home. 

Such a fun fall day!